Sustainable detergents through years of experience

Everyone is becoming increasingly aware of the dangers of harmful substances and their affect on the environment. Militex is going from strength to strength in developing ‘green’ detergents. We’re doing our bit toward driving down the use of chemicals in the cleaning industry.

Distinctive partner for wholesale

Militex is a professional partner for wholesalers. We supply customisation if required, and always high-quality products that are effective and user friendly. Together, they form a comprehensive series, can be applied everywhere and what's more, each product complies with all the complex EU regulations. The Militex product range stands out from all the rest, and that means satisfied partners.

Here are the benefits. Militex stands for:

  • Safe products without danger symbols
  • Innovative products
  • 70 years’ experience
  • Always offering customers input
  • Customised private label, even in smaller series
  • Microbiological cleaning agents
  • Supply exclusively through B2B wholesale
  • Partner instead of supplier
  • Socially responsible and sustainable
  • Driving down chemical usage in the cleaning industry

Everything under one roof

Militex has everything in house: highly knowledgeable office staff, a modern laboratory for product development, hard-working colleagues in the factory ensuring everything runs without a hitch, contemporary label design, packaging, shipment preparation and national/international dispatch. With Militex, you only have one point of contact, meaning all communication is smooth, clear and professional. This makes things easy for you and saves you considerable amounts of time.

Certified, microbiological, environmentally responsible and safe

We guarantee the quality of our products through ISO 9001 certification and an effective environmental care system. Militex is furthermore a member of the Dutch Association of Soap Manufacturers, active within the ISSA organisation and a partner of MVO Nederland.


We now also carry AISE “Charter for Sustainable Cleaning” certification. 


Of course, we also manufacture products complying with EU Ecolabel requirements. 


Microbiological cleaners based on 100% safe bacteria have become Militex's speciality. Just like everyone else, microbes need energy to survive. They draw this energy from food sources in their immediate environment and since food for bacteria happens to be the dirt we want to be rid of, everyone is happy!


Last but by no means least: many Militex products carry no danger symbols whatsoever, meaning that they are safe for users and surfaces. The absence of CLP symbols makes life a great deal easier for you: no special rules for shipment, storage or usage, all of which are advantages that help you stand out in the market.


Militex uses the most modern professional software packages to draft EU safety sheets, among other things. Since Militex's customers can be found all over Europe, you can have safety sheets in almost any language in the EU area at your disposal – yet another clear advantage of Militex.

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