Private label: how exactly does that work?

These days when the market is more transparent than ever and all familiar brands are under heavy pressure, a private label makes you stand out in the market. After all, with a private label, you yourself decide on the price and thus the margin, the labels, colour, scent, distribution, any promotion and all other related matters. You furthermore enhance customer retention and thus your company’s continuity in the longer term.

A step-by-step plan for success

Volume is no obstacle whatsoever: Militex makes all your private label products in extremely modest volumes: yet another strong point of Militex. Just like you, we like clarity and a straightforward step-by-step plan is the swiftest way to success:

  1. You and part of the Militex team explore your wishes and requirements.
  2. The Militex customer-services department then goes through the notes, followed by an extensive consultation with the lab and production department.
  3. You receive a series of test products customised especially for you, free of charge and with no obligation.
  4. You try out the test products for yourself: cleaning power, scent, colour, foam formation and all other issues important to you.
  5. If everything is in order – and we’re sure it will be – the design department sets to work on producing product labels in your corporate style. You can also opt to provide your own design, which is an even quicker option.  You see to the required commercial text on the label, and we ensure all the statutory requirements are met.
  6. The customer service department provides a detailed quotation with product description, selected packaging, any delivery instructions, etc.
  7. You approve the quotation and start generating additional revenue with your new corporate-style series of wonderful and powerful products. The Militex sales manager would be happy to visit you to give your sales team extra training, coaching and support.